Friday, May 3, 2024


Haven't seen or spoken to anyone in a long time. I am tempted to speak to myself, but I don't know what to say. My days are spent on nautical matters and reviewing my past. There have been many adventures, mistakes, endeavors, surprises, and rewards. I can't think of anything else I need to experience. Although, I have never had sunburn on the fingertip skin underneath my fingernails. That could be something to aim for one day simply for the sake of brand newness.

I am heading westwardly to the United States in order to oversee the recording of some music. There are a few songs I want to commit to tape. Not sure when I will get the chance to do so again. These songs are part of my muscles and blood. Each has altered my life's trajectory in some profound way. I cannot wait for the world to understand how I hear them.

For starters, there will be no sung lyrics. The human singsong voice is indeed my favorite instrument. I treasure it so much that I cannot decide on the best way to sing atop a lush musical background. Should it sound like Zilch Fletcher or Mahalia Jackson? A flawless combination of the two perhaps?

The recordings will concentrate on the main substrate of the song. What is most important and what needs to be polished. What can be left rough and what can be adjusted for consumption by the masses. These are decisions for the recording studio. There will be willing participants aiding me in these choices. I do not know how tape machines and some of the modern piano synths operate. Does anyone really know? In the end, I am sure that the final record will top all contemporary music charts and everyone involved will become suitably endowed with extreme (yet tasteful) wealth.

Being alone can be good. It opens up endless inner opportunities. Within the next week or so, I need to start practicing how to speak and understand speaking. My upcoming reunion with civilization requires willing communication in order to get things and let people know what I'm thinking. What are some modern slang sayings I can pepper my speech with? I will most likely stop in at a nearby young people's cola shop when I arrive at the wharf of my destination. Will they accept this man who has been unashamedly alone for so long?

- Don

P.S. I haven't been listening to the Spotify music lately. I'm conserving battery power and quite frankly, the sound quality is subpar.

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