Monday, June 3, 2024


The boat motor is stuck. It's not moving. I'm currently floating in one of many ocean currents, occasionally checking the motor to see if anything has changed. The sail I was using was stolen last week as I was having a personal Steve McQueen film festival on my iPad. The bandits struck sometime between the final 10 minutes of Papillon (1973) and the first 10 minutes of The Hunter (1980). They left no fingerprints or took them all when they left.

Not sure when my journey will continue. Beginning to think that I did not do the proper planning for any of this. Also questioning my ability to prepare for any situation in general. Furthermore, I do not know who took this photo of me in the water.

Energy and attention levels are low. Doing a crossword is too strenuous. Might not post again for a while.

- Don

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